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Learn salvation deeply and clearly by auditing a seminary course taught by Pastor Fulton (no cost).

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Enjoy some excellent reading material from great men like Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, and others.

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Welcome to KNOWIMSAVED.COM, a ministry dedicated to helping people who are seeking assurance
of their salvation.

Knowing Im Saved - The Book

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Knowing I’m Saved – The Book.

No matter how long you’ve doubted your salvation . . . no matter how bad you think your case may be, God loves you, and He will give you the help you need. God’s love sent His Son to die for you, and His love sent me to point you to His Son. Struggling with the assurance of salvation is like being held in a dark and cruel dungeon. I know; I have been in that dungeon before. But there is a way out of it! And I wrote this book to show you the way. Come with me then. Read my story. Watch me, as I go down into the dungeon where you are, and then come out with me as you watch God bring me out.”

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