Know I'm Saved

Do I have to do any good works to be saved or to stay saved?

Are we saved by faith, by works, or by a combination of both? If you answer faith, then, are we saved by faith, and kept by works? Or, are we saved and kept by faith alone? This is a question men have died for, and denominations have been forged by. It is a question of the upmost importance; because your answer to this question will determine whether you will believe on Jesus' work or upon your own.

You see, it is not so much a matter or faith or works; it is really of matter of you or Jesus. How we view our part in salvation, directly affects how we view Christ's part in salvation. For example, did Jesus die for all our sin? Or, did he simply make the down payment, and we keep up the monthly installments? You can see, then, how any demand for work on our part, assumes a lack thereof on his part.

Friend, I will not hesitate to tell you, that your salvation is F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D, just like Jesus said. There is no clearer message in the word of God than the message that Salvation belongeth unto the LORD... Psalm 3:8. The great Savior did not suffer on the cross to share His glory of salvation with you. If you will be saved, it will be upon the basis of His merit, and not your own. Listen to this message to learn more.