Know I'm Saved

How do I know that I am saved?

Wouldn't it be nice if God were to give us a clear and simple answer as to how we can know that we are saved? Well friend, He has! From the Old Testament to the New Testament, God has given us example after example of clear and simple illustrations that show us how we are supposed to know that we are saved.

Beginning in Genesis, we will see how God illustrated faith for us in the Old Testament, and thus understand how faith actually works. Whether it was Abel's offering, Noah's rainbow, or Rahab's scarlet rope, we will see how God always used the substance of His people's faith to also give them the assurance of their faith. By us capitalizing on these God-given illustrations in the Old Testament, we can now understand how faith and assurance are practically applied to us in the New Testament today.

Laying hold of these Old Testament truths, we are given a clear understanding of how God meant for the substance of Christ's sacrifice on the cross to become the assurance of our salvation today. Listen to this message to see how God intends this to work for you; and how you may have this assurance for yourself.