Know I'm Saved

I do believe, but I feel like I must labor

Sometimes a new believer in Christ will begin to feel dependent upon his faith; when his faith should be depending upon Jesus. The reason for this dilemma is simply the result of his immature and carnal logic. Here is what happens: The new believer comes to understand how salvation has been accomplished by Christ on the Cross. This same believer also understands that he must believe on Jesus for that accomplishment.

When he first understands the Gospel, the new believer rejoices in what Christ has done for him, and he rests his faith upon the finished work of Calvary. Later, however, the new believer's salvation is challenged, as questions and doubt come into his mind. "How do you know this? Or, "What about that?" Grasping for security, the believer immediately runs back to the Cross for his assurance, and clings to the Cross, as a drowning man would cling to a floating object, when he is thrown overboard into the sea.

Initially, this helps; but ultimately, he finds himself running back over and over again to the Cross, as the doubts and questions continue to assail him. After a while, the believer grows weary, and begins to see his faith as an effort he must continue, when he should be seeing the Cross as an accomplishment to be enjoyed. Don't let the Devil trick you into placing your faith in your faith! Listen Beloved, the Cross is not an object to hang on to; it is a truth to be enjoyed!