Know I'm Saved

What if I am not one of the elect?

A common misunderstanding that some people have about the Gospel is that God has randomly chosen to save only a select number of people out of the world. Those who believe this doctrine are called Calvinists. Calvinists teach that God, in eternity past, looked down through the ages of time and, seeing every person that He would ever create, sovereignly chose to save some of those people, and to condemn the rest. Those people, who were fortunate enough to be chosen for salvation [so they say,] are called the elect; and, according to them, only these elect people can be saved. But this is not what the word of God tells us; and the propagation of this "Calvinist" doctrine has caused much unnecessary anguish for far too many people, for far too long.

Listen to this message to learn how the doctrine of election is not something for you to fear, my friend, but something for you to embrace! Listen to hear how the election is not about God putting a limit on the number of people He will take to Heaven, but about God putting a limit on the number of ways they can get there. You see, there is only ONE way - Jesus. So, if you want to be one of the elect, then come on! Just come to Jesus!