Know I'm Saved

Hebrews Chapters 6 & 10 Explained

The careless interpretation of certain passages in Hebrews chapters 6 and 10 has caused, for many people, unjustified, deep, and long-lasting spiritual grief. This I know all too well from my own personal experiences. Although I desired salvation through Christ, at one time in my life I felt I had nothing to look forward to but "judgment and fiery indignation", which would certainly devour me.

I pray this message will be used to correct the misuse of these passages by certain ignorant teachers, and to comfort those who have been exposed to their teaching. If you want to be saved; if you desire to be justified by the cross of Christ, you do not fit into the categories described in these passages. In this message you will see how God actually gave these scriptures to encourage our faith in Christ, and never to dissuade our hope or abolish our interest in eternal life.

Baptism on the outside without faith in Christ on the inside is not Christian baptism at all; it is merely religious ceremony. If you wonder if you should be baptized again, you will be glad to know that the scriptures actually have to say about your situation. Listen to this message to learn more.