Know I'm Saved

Understanding Repentance I

Have you ever wondered if you have truly repented? Perhaps you are afraid that you cannot repent? Does your heart feel cold, and do you not have the sense of sorrow you feel you should have? Maybe you feel that, if only you were more sincere, and your remorse were more intense, then you could be assured that you have repented. If these are your fears, then you most probably do not understand repentance at all. And you have mistakenly come to view repentance more like a work that you cannot perform, rather than a conclusion you must come to. This message capitalizes on an Old Testament illustration, and uses it to paint a picture in your mind of what true biblical repentance is. When you listen to this message, let your mind become like a blank canvass, and allow the word of God to brush the simple truth of God's word upon your understanding. This message is a two part message, and you should listen to both messages to complete the picture.

NOTE: This message is a foundational message on repentance. If you are afraid that you have not or cannot repent, please also listen to the message entitled "I cannot repent!" AFTER listening to this message.